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  1. What is offshore CAD outsourcing?
  2. Why should I do off shoring?
  3. Why Indian Engineers?
  4. Who can do offshoring CAD services?
  5. What should I outsource?
  6. How can I start offshoring?
  7. What are the major issues in offshore CAD outsourcing?

1. What is offshore CAD outsourcing?

Outsourcing the CAD services to different country, (developing nations) where highly skilled and talented Engineers available whom you can utilize for serving your CAD services at very less cost.

2. Why should I do off shoring?

  1. It will not only reduce Engineering cost but also decrease time-to-market.
  2. By reducing the engineering cost you can provide cost-effective business solutions to your customers and stay competitive.
  3. It increases value of your Shareholders.
  4. It will allow you to utilize your time and resources on your core-business activities.
  5. It increases value added services to your employees.
  6. Your competitor may be using this strategic.
  7. It allows capitalize on Technology Forecasting

We have a good grasp on up-and-coming technologies that could play a role in product development. We have the resources to survey the field and look at what is coming in the future it will help you to bring better products to market faster than the competition.

3. Why Indian Engineers?

  1. Large resource of highly qualified Engineers.
  2. proficient in English
  3. Indian Engineers have high learning curve
  4. Loyalty towards the company
  5. Hard working and commitment towards the job.
  6. Professionalism

4. Who can do offshoring CAD services?

All large, mid- size, Small companies who is carrying out engineering services Can outsource their CAD Services to i-SmartCAD.

5. What should I outsource?

  • 3D solid modeling services
  • Conversion of paper sketch (concept) to 3D modeling.
  • Conversion of 3d modeling to 2d detailing
  • 2D drafting services
  • Paper to CAD services.
  • File translation
  • Migration
  • Content Library creation.

6. How can I start offshoring?

If you are new in offshoring, i-SmartCAD Engineers will help you to implement the process successfully. i-SmartCAD Engineers are not only skilled in engineering aspect but also excel in day to day communication with the offshore design team verbal and non –verbal. We are all English Speaking Engineers professionally trained to communicate with offshore Design team. You will get a feeling that you are talking to your colleague in India.

Our engineers are well trained in the engineering standards of both US and Europe which will facilitate an easy interaction of your lead engineers with ours. Unlike other fields of outsourcing engineers communicate with these standards hence it is very essential for a vendor to understand these parameters.

7. What are the major issues in offshore CAD outsourcing?

A) communication

One of the difficulties with off shore outsourcing has always been communication and output 'as required'. To overcome this, we use a wide variety of Communication tools to be almost always available. They are –

  • Regular checking of email.
  • Telephones/ FAX
  • cell phones
  • net meeting
  • secure FTP /sharepoint

B) Confidentiality

i-SmartCAD, stringently follow non competent agreements and all the i-SmartCAD employee’s have proven good academic and track record. We follow Protocols strictly.

C) Reliability

IsmartCAD Engineers will never be dormant with the customer; we have Service Level Agreements (SLA) for each process. We are committed to providing the highest quality professional CAD Services on time, and on budget. When you give us an assignment, we become a member of your team, responding to your leadership and requirements. We are here to solve to your Engineering design related issues.

With effective communication, project management tools and follow up, we ensure that most of the problems with off shore CAD outsourcing are reduced substantially.

Building a long-term relationship with your offshore vendor can give you a strategic edge in your business.

Our purpose is to make our customers feel that we are next door and available on demand and yes, at the lowest ever rates.

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