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Why i-SmartCAD ?

  • Cost effective Business Solutions.
  • Precision, accuracy and quality.
  • Experienced in handing offshore CAD projects.
  • 2-levels of quality assurance for each Project.
  • We maintain the intellectual property of customers confidentially.
  • Mode of transfer of files is through secure FTP or Email.
  • You will get all Email replies with in 1 business day as per our SLA (Service Level Agreement). Teleconference/web meeting can be done among i-SmartCAD Engineers and your Design Team for better results. Our purpose is to make our customers feel that we are next door and available on demand and yes, at the lowest ever rates.
  • Strong project management & Quality process.
  • All employees are well trained in soft skills (Telephone & Email Etiquette) where you will feel. You are talking to your colleague in different locations.
  • Customized CAD Software, it increases our productivity.
  • You can execute multiple projects concurrently.
  • Prompt access to highly qualified skilled personnel as required.
  • Outsourcing means you are expanding the business with out increasing cost.
  • Launch your product quickly and cost effectively.
  • Reduce pressure on existing support staff and improve business performance. Let your Design team bring innovative design concepts to life. Since your non-core design activities can be performed by us.
  • 24 x 7 working model, this is one of the best advantage companies have, when you outsource to India. Work would never stop for you. Someone is doing your work even while your team is off duty.
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